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The Latest

Guardian: Why no second wave in London?

CNN: Russian Vaccine enters Phase III 

Visual Capitalist: Macroeconomic risk map

Forbes: Abbott Labs $5 test kits approved

OWID: Estimating true number of infections

Vox: Performative masculinity

NYT: Viral particles in a subway

Wired: Bill Gates says most US tests are garbage

Galloway: The Great Distancing

Guardian: New antibody mix 'very potent'

USA Today: Sweden's failed experiment

Statewide Interventions and Covid-19 Mortality

NYT: Coronavirus Drug and Treatment Tracker

CNN: Are some blood types more vulnerable?

Vaccine candidates that come as a ray of hope

Vox: My patient caught Covid-19 twice

The Scientist: Face masks can prevent the spread

The Guardian: 'mild' case doesn’t sound so bad?

CIDRAP: Ignoring airborne COVID spread risky

Planning a socially-distanced summer vacation?

NYT: How the virus won

An 18-Month View of a Post-COVID World

Our World in Data: Daily new cases

Futurism: Vaccines ready for final stage of testing

Our World in Data: Daily new cases

Futurism: Vaccines ready for final stage of testing

Visual Capitalist: Layoffs at Prominent Startups

Change in number of UK visitors since COVID-19

Visual Capitalist: Tourism-reliance by country

IHMW COVID-19 Projections (select country)

CNN: Scott Galloway on higher education

The Lancet - Reviving the US CDC

CNN: This is how quickly coronavirus can spread

This Sucks, by Jay Michaelson

Atlantic: South Korea’s Exceptionalism

BBC: France's first known case was in December

NYT: The Covid-19 Riddle

Bill Gates on CNN's GPS - 26 April

SCMP: Macau’s health care system was primed

Yuval Noah Harari on Coronavirus - 17 April

Our new World by Brian Rogers - 17 April

Covid-19 cases in 9 regions - thru 19 Apr

Female world leaders hailed as voices of reason


Standard Trackers and Tools

WorldOMeters        Financial Times Graphs

Covid Visualizer

Live Counter       Exponential Graphing tool

Hospital Resource Projections

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91-DIVOC interactive visualization

FT's John Burn-Murdoch's Tweeter feed

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Coronavirus News

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Washington Post        CNN

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Must Reads

Vox's 4 plans to end social distancing

Red Dawn emails by NYT

3-D Simulation on social distancing by NYT

The normal economy is never coming back

Occupational Risk Score from Visual Capitalist

US Health Weather Map by Kinsa

Vox: Making your own face mask

Italy's virus shutdown came too late

Fitch Ratings: Global Outlook 2 Apr

Brookfield 31 Mar

Low Touch Economy

The Hammer and the Dance

Four Possible Timelines for Returning to Normal

From bats to Human Lungs

Good News

Rapid Tests        Abbot tests

Nurses = heroes


Medical Articles

How long the virus survives on surfaces


Viral myths of COVID-19 Debunked

Truths and Rumors about Vitamin D, ...


How South Korea Flattened the Curve


Y Harari: World after coronavirus

Singapore TraceTogether app