David Mackay started in the Casino Gaming Industry in 1992 and is a Security, Surveillance & Asset Protection expert who has built a career mitigating the critical risks that occur within Casino Integrated resorts and Gaming environments. 

With senior executive expertise and hands-on experience in both Security & Surveillance, David is highly unique within the Gaming Industry.  David has over 24 years experience in Casino Operations, most recently as SVP Asset Protection for Melco Resorts & Entertainment with responsibility for the ongoing management and to ensure the optimal performance of over 1,500 personnel within his operating teams.  David established foundational and best practice operations standards during pre-opening periods for Melco Resorts throughout Macao, Philippines and Russia in the areas of Security, Surveillance, Investigations, Occupational Health, Safety, and Fire Management. David also played a major strategic role in the development of Crisis Planning and incident response protocols for the company providing advice to senior executive, leading Crisis simulation exercises and regularly presenting to Insurers.

David has participated in Surveillance networks that extend into different casino jurisdictions and risk markets throughout the world. David is highly regarded for his ability to detect and prevent scams and his professional approach to Casino Surveillance and Security Operations and risk mitigation.  He has provided best practice operations and risk mitigating technology deployment advice to police and regulatory authorities and government personnel from several countries and is well known for his achievements in detecting scams and leading ‘world first’ facial recognition technology deployment throughout multiple Casino integrated resorts.

David has a Graduate Certificate in Management from the University of New England and a Diploma in Business.