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FMCC Monthly Speaker Series (28 Oct 2020)

Macao 2025: What Gaming would look like in the near future

A talk about what the new Macao would look like once it emerges from the current turbulent times. Some of the topics discussed were:

Casino Win in key jurisdictions

A review of Macao's six gaming companies
Effects of the pandemic
What operators are doing to mitigate the risks

The future of online gaming, or its lack thereof
The (diminishing) role of VIP
Cotai’s expansion
Gaming licenses
Wil there be a return to the glory days

The event was organized by the France Macau Chamber of Commerce, and held at Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited (speaker)

TDM Talk Show (17 Sep 2020)

State of Gaming in Macao

​Conversation with Kelsey Wilhelm of TDM Canal Macau, covering multiple topics: from the road to recovery to what's next regarding the expiring gaming concessions; from the post-COVID gaming experience to the Chief Executive's performance in light of the pandemic, the decline of VIP, what to do with satellite casinos, ...

Kelsey Wilhelm, TDM Canal Macau (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

SiGMA TV (8 Sep 2020)

From Gaming Monopoly to the Gaming Capital of the World: Spotlight on Macau's Evolution | SiGMA

​Interview #2 with Yanni Collins of SiGMA about Macau’s evolution from its rise, key players, and how the upcoming US elections could affect the extension of the gaming licenses. Here's a rundown by topic:

00:01> Intro / bio
00:28> Macao COVID-19 update since Interview #1
02:02> Impact of the tourist visa resumption from China
03:47> How did Macao becoming the world's gaming capital?
08:08> Three gaming licenses and six gaming companies?
10:55> What is the hold up with the gaming licenses?
12:41> Effect of US elections on gaming license extension
15:27> Next steps… end

Yanni Collins, SiGMA (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

SiGMA TV (17 Aug 2020)

Macau reopens for business | SiGMA

​Interview by Yanni Collins of SiGMA about what's been going on in Macao, and what will happens now, after the resumption of tourists visas from mainland China. Here's the rundown:

00:01> Intro / bio
01:32> Macao history, background
03:31> Medical response to COVID-19
05:36> Revenue declines since COVID-19
07:25> Impact of the IVS resumption
11:47> When will things go back to normal?
14:37> Online gaming and proxy betting in Macao?
18:28> Next steps… end

Yanni Collins, SiGMA (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

86 Connects interview (16 Jun 2020)

Connecting businesses to high-value Chinese consumers

​Interview by Annie Siara, CEO and Founder of 86 connects, originally conducted in March 2020, later edited to fit in to post-lock-down world in June 2020. Topics discussed were: The Chinese player's mindset, behavior and top tips on how to tailor a European casinos to entice Chinese players.

Annie Siara, 86 Connects (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

ICE Asia Digital


8 June 2020

Panel Discussion: Webinar Series

Outlook for Asia Gaming in a Post-COVID-19 World


The panel focused on the state of play across Asia; how their post-Covid recovery strategies differ; predictions on how Asian Gaming will change over the next 18 months, and which markets will recover soonest / latest

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited (Moderator)

Kevin Clayton, MegaBrands

Vitaly Umansky, Bernstein

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MdME Lawyers Webinar


28 Apr 2020

Panel Discussion: Webinar Series

Macau Gaming Tourism: The Road to Recovery

This webinar covered recent gaming revenue trends in Macau, challenges and opportunities ahead and how the gaming operators in Macau could lead the road to recovery.


News link:  GGR Asia: Tech to help Macau casinos recover, regulation needed

Rui Pinto Proença, MdME Lawyers (Moderator)
Alidad Tash, 
NT8 Limited

Lloyd Robson, Aristocrat Technologies

Prof. Carlos Noronha, SJM


Rui Cunha Foundation


15 Apr 2020


Panel Discussion: Macau's Gaming

Industry Beyond COVID-19

This webinar covered what casinos may do to mitigate their losses, including what they may do as it relates to Corporate Social Responsibility. Other topics included the case for and against the Macau government lowering gaming taxes, which employees of the gaming industry may suffer pay cuts or layoffs, what the future of gaming may look after (and because of) COVID-19, What junkets may do, any silver linings, ....


News link:  LUSA and Macau News Agancy

Video link:  Webinar: Macau ... beyond Covid-19


Jose Carlos Matias, Journalist (Moderator)
Alidad Tash, 
2NT8 Limited

Óscar Alberto Madureira, Lawyer at Lektou

Prof. Carlos Noronha, University of Macau

G2E Asia 2019 / IAGA


23 May 2019

Venetian Macao

Panel Discussion: 2020 and Beyond: The Future of Macau’s Gaming Concessions

This panel covered a variety of subjects. Among them were: current framework for the current concessions, terms and extensions, and the tender process, GGR forecast for Macau; the effect of a 7th or 8th possible concessionaire; the effect of the gaming companies on jobs, tax revenue and Macau's policy of becoming a world-class tourism destination; infrastructure bottlenecks; Hengqin's role...


News link:   Macao Consortium could be preferred for new license

Video link:  TDM News 23 May 2019

Rui Pinto Proença, MdME Lawyers (Moderator)
Alidad Tash, 
2NT8 Limited
Jason Ni, Wynn Palace
Pedro Cortes, Rato Ling Lei & Cortes
Prof. Desmond Lam, University of Macau

Japan Gaming Congress 2019


17 May 2019

Conrad Tokyo

Panel Discussion: A Casino fit for Japan: Leapfrogging to the top in experience, technology and revenue

This panel covered: whether or not traditional table games will stay relevant once casinos open in Japan; the newest technology trends anticipated for the Japan gaming market for the Integrated Resorts opening in 2025+; challenges facing the OEM’s and operators in Japan; Key areas that gaming regulators should focus on, and their impact on OEM’s, operators, and consumers


News link:    Electronic tables good fit for Japan market: JGC panel

Dave Kubajak, JCM Global (moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

Ken Jolly, Scientific Games Asia

Mark Clayton, Greenberg Traurig

Tom Soukup, Konami

ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019


20 March 2019

Conrad Manila

Panel Discussion: MACAU, JAPAN, AND KOREA

This panel covered Macao, Japan, and Korea, the largest and potentially second largest gaming markets in the world. Discussions included the future of Macao’s gaming license and concessionaires, updates on Japan’s IRs, including insights into partnership structures, junkets, online gaming, and the future of pachinko parlors.


News link:    ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019: Forecast for Korea, Japan & Macau

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited (Moderator)

Anil Daswani, CitiGroup

Praveen Choudhary, Morgan Stanley

Vitaly Umansky, Bernstein

Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2018


8 October 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada

Panel Discussion: Regional Roundup

With new jurisdictions like Japan inching closer to regulated land-based gaming, established markets like North America rapidly pursuing sports betting opportunities post-PASPA, and Europe continuing to adapt to the growth of new gaming offerings like eSports and social gaming, it's hard to keep up with what's happening where. This session will take a broad view at current and future developments taking place in several key gaming markets.


Kevin Mullally, Gaming Laboratories International (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

Fredric E. Gushin, Spectrum Gaming Group

Robert Cantwell, Lathrop & Gage LLP

Bernstein Thematic Research Conference

China Consumer: Where to Play, How to Win… Premium Is The New Mainstream

23 May 2018 and 24 May 2018

Singapore and Hong Kong

1x1 panel: Implications on Macau of the expanding Chinese Premium Consumer

While Macau received 33 million total visitors (22 million Chinese visitors) last year, a small group of VIP and Premium Mass customers (a total 300,000-400,000 unique visitors coming on average 4x per year, and some much more frequently) drives a significant portion of Macau's GGR (~70%). It is clear that Premium (“high-roller”) customers remain critical for long-term Macau growth, as wealthier customers spend more and come more frequently — and the population of this demographic is increasing.​​

Vitaly Umansky, Bernstein (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

G2E Asia 2018


15 May 2018

Venetian Macao

Panel Discussion: Asian Markets Forum. Asia North: Japan, Korea, and Russia

Andrew Scott, Inside Asian Gaming (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

Grant Govertsen, Union Gaming

William Shen, Caesars Entertainment

Eric Landheer, Summit Ascent Holdings

News link:    Foreign ownership rules    and    Japan IR market still a question mark

IAGA International Gaming Summit


14 May 2018

Four Seasons Macao

Panel Discussion: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: What’s Happening in the Asia Market?

Japan is inching closer to Integrated Resorts, Macau is about to start its gaming license renewal process and the Philippines market is continuing to evolve. But that’s not all. Cambodia and Vietnam are offering new gaming opportunities, Myanmar is considering whether to allow casinos and Nepal’s first legal casino has recently opened. This panel will explore the current state of affairs while evaluating what the market has learned from its past and what it is doing to shape its future.

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited (Moderator)

Grant Govertsen, Union Gaming

Mike Bolsover, Silver Heritage

Pedro Cortés, Rato, Ling, Lei & Cortés

Rui Pinto Proença, MdMe Lawyers

Vitaly Umansky, Bernstein

Kamal Bhattarai, Nepal Consul General

News link:  What's happening in Japan ... continued through page 67

G2E Asia Awards 2018


15 May 2018

The Venetian Macao


Judge, G2E Asia Awards

The G2E Asia Awards presented awards in 12 categories, judged by a jury of peers with industry expert judges from a wide variety of industry sectors. The awards ceremony recognized excellence and innovation within Asian gaming while celebrating the success and outstanding contributions of not only gaming but also the non-gaming aspects of the entertainment industry in Asia.

ASEAN Gaming Summit 2018


20 March 2018

Conrad Manila

Panel Discussion: Maximizing Yield

How are operators maximizing yield on the casino floor? What innovative casino technology is available, and how are operators considering the use of these innovations?


Ari Mizrachi, Tangam Systems (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

Brad Waldron, Crown Melbourne

Varun Nayak, Tangam Systems

News link:  Delivering high yields ... page 30-31

G2E Asia 2017


17 May 2017

The Venetian Macao


Panel Discussion: Revenue Management and Casino Yield Optimization

During the first half of the session, Alidad Tash presented a PowerPoint presentation on tactics and strategies to improve table game hold percentages, including a detailed blackjack example.

The second half featured the following panel:


Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited (Moderator)

Charles Cohen, IGT

Ken Jolly, SG Gaming Asia

Varun Nayak, Tangam Systems

News link: Rise of the Casino Robots



21 March 2017

The Parisian Macao


Panel Discussion: Regional Gaming Legalization – Potential Impact on Macau

The panel debated issues on the future quality of service of Macau hospitality, revenue evolution in Macau, the effect of Japan opening up their gaming market, and comparison of non-gaming earnings in Las Vegas and Macau.


Gert Noordzy: Northside Consulting (Moderator)

Alidad Tash: 2NT8 Limited

José Alves: University of Saint Joseph

Lu Tsai: 2NT8 Limited

Mark McWhinnie: Sands China Ltd.