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GGR Asia (28 Oct 2020)

Macau comeback slow but a cleaner market


Macau Business (28 Oct 2020)

Sale of Las Vegas assets by LVS would make sense

PR Times (21 Oct 2020)

Japanese: 2NT8 to cooprate with Pixel Companyz


Inside Asian Gaming (4 Oct 2020)

Junkets Unmasked


Macau Business Magazine (Sep 2020)

Game changer

TDM Macau TV News (11 Aug 2020)

EnglishEffect of Mainland visas on Macao GGR

Portuguese: Mass, not VIP, leading the recovery

EnglishTough road ahead for gaming recovery


Ponto Final (15 July 2020)

Portuguese: Revitalização do sector do jogo ...

Inside Asian Gaming (9 Jul 2020)

Online Lifeline?

GGR Asia (9 Jun 2020)

Macau to see fastest APAC casino recovery

Macau Business (28 May 2020)

US-China tensions could impact US-linked gaming concessionaires

MdME Lawyers Webinar (28 Apr 2020)

GGR Asia: Tech to help Macau casinos recover, regulation needed

Rui Cunha Foundation Webinar (15 Apr 2020)

Video: Webinar on Facebook Live

EnglishLUSA + Macau News Agency coverage

Portuguese: Ponto Final: “Concessionárias vão...

Portuguese: Hoje Macau: Analista diz que este... 

GGR Asia (6 Apr 2020)

English:  Macau deserves global respect

Chinese: 社論:澳門值得受全球敬佩

GGR Asia (2 Mar 2020)

English:  When will Macau casino business levels return to normal?

Chinese: 觀點:賭場業務何日得恢復昔日水準?

Asia Gaming Brief (21 Dec 2019)

Alidad Tash: Reflecting on the last 20 years of Macau gaming

GGR ASIA (20 Sep 2019)

Challenges of Banking on 'premium Mass'

Macau Business (Aug 2019 issue)

The man who brought about the change - by João Paulo Meneses

Interview with Macao Talent Development Committee (28 Jun 2019)

English:  imperfect Google Translation

Chinese: 產業升級,數據人才成發展核心驅動力 — 專訪博彩分析專家 Alidad Tash

Forbes (9 Jun 2019)

Macau Casino Metamorphosis Marches On


TDM Macau TV News (23 May 2019)

G2E Asia 2019 / IAGA panel: First 8 minutes

GGR ASIA 2019 / IAGA Panel (23 May 2019)

English:  Consortium preferred for new licence

Chinese: 澳門業界料賭牌到期後多續五年

Portuguese: Suncity favorito a ganhar uma 7.ª licença em Macau

GGR Asia (17 May 2019)

Japan Gaming Congress: Electronic tables good fit for Japan market: JGC panel

Calvin Ayre (20 Mar 2019)

ASEAN Gaming Summit 2019: Forecast for Korea, Japan & Macau

Wall Street Journal (8 Feb 2019)

High-Rollers Cool Bets as Chinese Economy Slows

G3 Magazine (May 2018)

What's happening in Japan

Macau Daily Times (16 May 2018)

Japan IR market still a big question mark 


Inside Asian Gaming (16 May 2018)

Foreign ownership rules to make / break Japan IRs

Asia Gaming Briefings (March 2018)

Delivering high yields

GGR Asia (18 May 2017)

Rise of the Casino Robots