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Rui Cunha Foundation webinar: Macau, Beyond COVID-19


Panel Discussion: Macau's Gaming Industry Beyond COVID-19

This webinar covered what casinos may do to mitigate their losses, including what they may do as it relates to Corporate Social Responsibility. Other topics included the case for and against the Macau government lowering gaming taxes, which employees of the gaming industry may suffer pay

cuts or layoffs, what the future of gaming may look after (and because of) COVID-19, What junkets may do, any silver linings, ....

News link:  LUSA and Macau News Agancy

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Related to:

Jose Carlos Matias, Journalist (Moderator) Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

Óscar Alberto Madureira, Lawyer at Lektou

Prof. Carlos Noronha, University of Macau

The discussion starts at [16:00]

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