Data Visualization

2NT8 Limited is featuring a series of data visualizations on an ongoing basis. We have partnered with Inside Asian Gaming who will debut selected data visualization related to gaming, tourism and COVID-19 for its extensive audience. The videos can also be found here

Video 8. Macao mass table win per table per day

Period:   1Q-2019 to 1Q-2020, quarterly

Video 7. Key gaming metrics for Macao

Period:   1Q-2019 to 1Q-2020, quarterly

Video 6. Top Macao casinos in total win

Period:   2011 to 2019, quarterly

Video 5. Top Macao mass market casinos

Period:   2011 to 2019, quarterly

Video 4. Performance of Macao gaming companies' stocks listed in U.S. & Hong Kong

Period:   2 Jan 2017 to 29 Apr 2020, daily

Video 3. COVID-19's effect on Macao gaming

Period:   Jan 2017 to March 2020, monthly

Video 2. Evolution of COVID-19 through nine Asia-Pacific jurisdictions

Period:   1 March to 19 April 2020, daily

Video 1. Performance of Macao gaming stocks in the Hong Kong stock exchange

Period:   2 Jan to 16 April 2020, daily