Webinars 網路研討會


One-on-one interview (16 Jun 2020)

Connecting businesses to high-value Chinese consumers

​Interview by Annie Siara, CEO and Founder of 86 connects, originally conducted in March 2020, later edited to fit in to post-lock-down world in June 2020. Topics discussed were: The Chinese player's mindset, behavior and top tips on how to tailor a European casinos to entice Chinese players.

Annie Siara, 86 Connects (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited


ICE Asia digital (8 Jun 2020)

Webinar panel: Outlook for Asia Gaming in a Post-COVID-19 World

The panel focused on the state of play across Asia; how their post-Covid recovery strategies differ; predictions on how Asian Gaming will change over the next 18 months, and which markets will recover soonest / latest 

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited (Moderator)

Kevin Clayton, MegaBrands

Vitaly Umansky, Bernstein

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MdME Lawyers Webinar (28 Apr 2020)

Webinar panel Discussion: Macau Gaming Tourism: The Road to Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted lives, businesses and institutions on a global scale. The tourism industry, dependent on the ability of people to travel safely, has been particularly affected. Macau was one of the first large-scale integrated resort destinations to undergo a border lock-down. It may also be the first to start reopening to visitors. In this webinar, a panel of industry experts from different fields will share the Macau experience, discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead and give its opinion on how Macau, and its gaming operators, may lead the road to recovery.


Rui Proença, MdME Lawyers (Moderator)
Alidad Tash, 
2NT8 Limited

Lloyd Robson, Aristocrat Technologies

Nuno Martins, SJM

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Rui Cunha Foundation Webinar (15 Apr 2020)

Webinar panel Discussion: Macau's Gaming Industry Beyond COVID-19

Questioning starts at [16:00]

The panel discussed the pros and cons and likelihood of lowering taxes on casinos in macau in an effort to saving wages and jobs in the industry, affected by Covid-19; geopolitical issues; foreign workers; recovery scenarios, among other subjects.

Jose Carlos Matias, Journalist (Moderator)
Alidad Tash, 
2NT8 Limited

Óscar Alberto Madureira, Lawyer at Lektou

Prof. Carlos Noronha, University of Macau