Bernstein Thematic Research Conference

China Consumer: Where to Play, How to Win… Premium Is The New Mainstream

23 May 2018 and 24 May 2018

Singapore and Hong Kong

1x1 panel: Implications on Macau of the expanding Chinese Premium Consumer

While Macau received 33 million total visitors (22 million Chinese visitors) last year, a small group of VIP and Premium Mass customers (a total 300,000-400,000 unique visitors coming on average 4x per year, and some much more frequently) drives a significant portion of Macau's GGR (~70%). It is clear that Premium (“high-roller”) customers remain critical for long-term Macau growth, as wealthier customers spend more and come more frequently — and the population of this demographic is increasing.​​

Vitaly Umansky, Bernstein (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited