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SiGMA 5th Interview: Integrated Resorts in Asia

Monthly interview with SiGMA

In the fifth edition of this monthly interview series with Yanni Collins of SiGMA, Alidad Tash shares his insights on Asian integrated Resorts. Specifically:

  • What components constitute an Integrated Resort (IR)?

  • Examples of successful IRs in Asia

  • Contenders and pretenders

  • Top IRs in Macao, Manila and worldwide

  • How do stand-alone casinos compete with nearby IRs?

  • Why and how Japanese government emphasize IRs, and not casinos?

In this video, Alidad names the genuine IR's in Asia that qualify based on his strict and subjective criteria.

​Yanni Collins, SiGMA (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited


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