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SiGMA 2nd Interview: From Gaming Monopoly to Capital of Gaming

From Gaming Monopoly to the Gaming Capital of the World: Spotlight on Macau's Evolution | SiGMA

​Interview #2 with Yanni Collins of SiGMA about Macau’s evolution from its rise, key players, and how the upcoming US elections could affect the extension of the gaming licenses. Here's a rundown by topic: 00:01> Intro / bio 00:28> Macao COVID-19 update since Interview #1 02:02> Impact of the tourist visa resumption from China 03:47> How did Macao becoming the world's gaming capital? 08:08> Three gaming licenses and six gaming companies? 10:55> What is the hold up with the gaming licenses? 12:41> Effect of US elections on gaming license extension 15:27> Next steps… end

Yanni Collins, SiGMA (Moderator)

Alidad Tash, 2NT8 Limited

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